what is true love in a relationship

true love in a relationship

When thinking of true love, one thing comes in mind that is that love happens between two individual, true love is the connection, and this is that connection which is self-realization about one individual can definitely feel about another individual,what is true love in a relationship
as I said the self-realization connection between two bodies, in true love, one body can feel about another body, no matter how far away both of that body living separately, very often we fill about true love,
In fact, in a relationship, only affection in the direction of your love or beloved is not the true love, Just consider this statement, suppose you internally like or love someone, who do you internally love, that personage unaware of how true love you do,
but you happen to evince your affection with that personage, have you ever thought before you evince your love to that person? probably yes, in this state of affairs, consequences are to happen, either reject or accept, here I try to present an affection as love, What if that person says you, this is not loving, it is just  physical attraction,
you probably might be confused or with having no response, in this very way, you are supposed to show your true love, until you show your love to be true love, often get late, this is what you call is life,
if you really come across such a situation, to show your true love towards that person who does you love to, preserve to incur the ability of yourself, to demonstrate who you are actually, and what you can do to find your love,


true love,what does mean of true love,
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What actually means of Truelove – demonstrate the true love never been required, the realization about love with that person can be true love, at a certain situation, because some of us have the strict mind to love anyone if come across find a person on a way, no matter if that person is known or unknown for you, this is not the loving ,this is physical lust of love, which has no validity for any longer,means to say expiry date , 

but true love is that has a long duration, no word of the expiry date is realized, each and every moment caring,(careful), worry for the present concern,( this includes continue thinking about each other ), willingness to live together, willingness to continue caring of each other, if one feels ill, 2nd try to be a medicine for one ,
true love always remains constant, either in bad condition or good condition,(as this is life, anything can happen at any time), your present can’t be like past, and your past can’t be as present, for instance, I tell you a story,
Two couple were in true love, since a long time, but they still not married, the girl was so beautiful than my imagination,(based on a real incident), whoever saw that girl, continued staring at that girl, suddenly some bad happened in that girl’s life, her life was ruined ,when another person badly came across in her life, which she was not aware of what that person could do in her life,
that another person actually also fallen in love with that girl, he started chasing her, she tried to reveal this stuff of that another person to her love.but she didn’t dare to reveal this bad stuff of that another person to her love, with the fear of something caused bad,
this is why that girl kept unrevealed to her love and told her family members instead, about this incident,
One family member of her house came in raised and went to the police station to lodge a fir against that another person’s bad behavior towards that girl, even police caught that person while he was sleeping in the night, police started beating him, actually that person was badly beaten up by those policies,
when he came to know the reason why he was being beaten up by them, he became silent but whimsically resolved to revenge, Even police also warned him if he caught once again doing this, would be jailed,
but all he resolved was to take revenge, for one week or two weeks, he kept himself hidden from that girl,
to make her realize that he has been stopped chasing her, so she was so happy, but one day that person found her alone, he threw the liquid on her body, thus her many organs burned,
she desperately finds herself helpless, When this news went up to her lover, her lover desperately came to see her, he started weeping on seeing her, 
now he wanted to murder that person who did to her, but she refused him to do so because she didn’t want to be anything wrong in her love life,
he took her in his arms and was weeping, but nothing else was to do, he stopped taking food, as she also unable to eat anything,
she alive just for one month after this incident, and died her lover also could not tolerate her separation, he took poison and ate, he also died 
this is the true love in a relationship, one can’t bear a moment without seeing his/her beloved 
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