unconditional love/how our love is unconditional

in this blog post we will know about unconditional love/how our love is unconditional, how to recognise our love is unconditional or conditional 

Unconditional love is concerned to life is just like a game (game could be of any kinds ) we will understand the conditional love through an example is that every single human on this earth has to play the game of life with love,
unconditional love/how to realise our love is unconditional
as childhood, but the way we grow up slowly, getting matured to understand this game of life, one very easily able to understand the opponents of the game and try to better the game,
actually, this happened to every human and at the same time of understanding opponents of the game, that opponents are equally powerful, so have to play the game harder to match them,
in order to match them we often try to concentrate further on being a good player or in order to win the game,
unconditional love
You may think that why I take this example of a game? you may be understood later,
Consider that the more with love you play the game can give you enjoyment,
on the order hand, if the intention is to win the match only, you might choose the path of fear, in this way (what will happen if I lose the match) which cause the unhappiness later once the game is loosed,
Do you have ever thought about why it happened to you? It happened just because of powerlessness is always behind the fear,
You fight for that fear to let that get rid of, but internally makes weaken, so we get a conclusion here that, forceful way of winning the game is not a necessity to live a life of harmony, inner joys have that power that can make your real empowerment and brings happiness in life,
Loneliness life can’t give you the blissful joy of life, but when we become one with life, we feel the blissful joy of unconditional love,
I hope you might have understood unconditional love, but here we are to talk about the feeling towards others,or romantic love m, or closely bonded behavior.
unconditional love
We will conceive the unconditional love is an experience of harmony with life, for instance, meeting with many other peoples in your life can let you feel about yourself a well-dignified man,
you may feel at peace practically all the time and when you feel always peaceful, this can bring happiness to appreciate the joy of your life,
Unconditional love is the only answer, which can be realized without expecting anything in return, while you meet somebody,

 What is unconditional love 

To understand unconditional love, we can understand with a child’s point of view, we often notice that a child is able to stay with anyone, wherever that child finds love, for instance, one person always love to a child, and whenever he meets with a child, offers chocolate (sweet) to that the child becomes happy and wish to stay with that person, on the other hand, another person beats a child would never like to go up to him,
Because that child understand unconditional love, therefore the love we notice from this earlier example is the unconditional love, so it is the true sense of affection, and these affections essentially are very important to have in one’s life,
But here do not understand the unconditional love to that full fill the needs of someone, the one who full fill the needy of somebody, is also a kind of love and affection, but such kind of love basically known as conditional love,
What is unconditional love
A mother loves her son if someone says, your mother will love you, when you become a good boy in her glance, this will said to be called conditional love, but for a mother, it doesn’t matter how is her child is good or not, only her love is matter, this is unconditional love,
In fact, sometimes it has been noticed the conditional love is one of the strongest cause of unhappiness, because, sometimes we can’t able to meet that extent of love in the relationship  which we expected of, thus we feel upset, therefore we just need to go beyond our need-based affections to implement ‘unconditional love in our life, and it is the only a splendid way that can let you feel everlasting happiness,
Actually, unconditional love has not any kind of terms and conditions attached to it, this is the type of love, there is no ending of it , while conditional love has some kind of conditions for which you have to follow that, and conditional type of love is not loving, because of love never need to have any requirements,
Love is only love which is to be without any expectation,
Note- if your love for someone carries requirement , understand that your love is not love, it is just a counterfeit version of it ,
So suggestions for you people to do commit yourself without any guarantees, like as I showed an example of child love has that really kind of unconditional love,
Unconditional love has occurred within them has not kind of fear, but some of us have something kind of fear in love, whenever we make love relationship with somebody,

Love and fear in unconditional love

Love and fear often is found within every human which shows the states of mind, fear actually occur to them who often shows anger , jealously, and worry, and these all are things which cause the ending of love,
Everyone has the feeling of love and fear, for a while you may say fear and love are friendship which always sustained, it can’t reside simultaneously, this means that if you are afraid, you cast out the love and if love, it cast out the fear,
Sometimes you say I hate, in a relationship. but actually meaning is that it is the opposite of fear, not of love, actually love grants the freedom and fear take it away. love pioneer, fear shut down, love invites full expression, fear punishes it. And this could be an idea to recognize if someone is loving you or fearing you, but to have a notice on it, don’t look at what they say, look at what they do,
Just keep in mind that, fear exists in some aspect of our life, which is, fear of looking foolish,
fear of being used, fear of being taken for a ride, fear of what will others say,
one thing you can do is to live always honest, you never need to fear of …….
Love and fear in unconditional love

 How to sustain the love

To sustain love, the first thing is to neglect the fearing and having the conditionality of love, if both of these stay within your mind, your love can’t be sustained any longer, because none is born to full fill the demand of others, if seeing that in reality, for every demand should have a limited extent, not more than need,
2nd thing look at only how you can get profit from that person you love, or for your personal pleasure, try to expand your love, the more you expend love is better, never try to keep something kind of separated belief, keep loving,
never try to get love, rather than you can regard yourself a source of love, with this amusement that, the more you provide the more love you will get in turn,
from now, make your love as weapons, make your goodness armor, make humor buckler, and get an amazing gift of love,
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