Smile | why do we stop smiling as we grow up ?

smile smile, smile,Smile | why do we stop smiling as we grow up ?,

I let you know some facts, which you are well aware of? hope so, 
in fact, childhood time you were happy, very likely the age of four years or five years or six years, 
laughing hundreds of times a day probably, according to my expectation, in the age of four or five or six, your laughing times in a day was probably hundreds of time but you are grown up now, your smile likely disappear also now,


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 when you were child, you continued smiling each of the times, (excluding when you being beaten up by your mother so it may be your weeping time )
so our question is | why do we stop smiling as we grow up? yes,
in fact, as we have grown up we have tended to become very serious, it’s the matter of fact, a child never take anything seriously, if the child unable to get anything accord to the wish, that child might start weeping, thus parents have to afford, whatever that child looks for,
 one thing emerges a sense here that is the responsibility in your life, a child’s responsibility always depend on others, no matter if that child belongs from a poor family or rich family, a child is a child, KNOW THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE
once that child inherits the adult age and grows up, stop smiling, and laughing, actually it is a matter of priority, with grown-up age, often start tend to become very serious, we already have had many responsivities and dedication or attitude of hard working is unfortunately determined by how seriously we do our job , and society also instigate to achieve something high , means society shifts our focus from living and enjoying a present moment to achieving for a greater and till one reaches goal, feels better be dead ,

But unfortunately, seriousness always determine the weight of us, in other sense, and it down us in an ironic manner, you can just guess if you had done everything in your ignitor mood, you would not slow your pace, probably,
in fact, confessing the problem with wearing a smile, makes the challenges little bit ease, you can hand any challenges in your smile, if you know the importance of it, so continue smiling in your life and brings happiness in your life,
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