smile Smile the power of smile ,

Smile smile, smile it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart, if you do not smile in your life, you are just like seawater,  which water is never taken by any even a bird, the bird can’t mitigate the thirst, means you are totally empty, no matter how rich you are, in fact, t is the ornament of an individual body, wearing smile on face make your body looking so charming, no matter how you never full well dressed, every one of us may not smile, smile means keeping heart full of beauties,  this beauty gives indication to your heart instigate your face to wear smile, naturally worn smile on face, shows how you are good, how your day is full of happiness, Click here

smile Smile the power of smile,smile,smile definition,

in fact, a smile is what sets everything right, it is probably impossible to smile on the outside without feeling better on the inside, sometimes it works as an identifier that can likely recognize the situation of somebody when you fall ill, your body language and smile disappear from your face, which indicates you are not well but can guess at somebody smile with having pain, no other may recognize him if he really been suffered from, but should think that your smile has let your ill mitigated , you show your smile in front of the people, with struck by pain, however, smile,  it gives you the internal strength to bear the pain, people often like to sit with them who continue wearing smile, practically can notice and observe the people, come across a person wearing sadness on his face ,you may go to him, and ask the reason what happened to him, but you can’t stay with him, any longer ,

Smile the power of a smile 

Smile has the power, smile attracts the people, in fact, giving a stranger one of your smiles, it might be the sunshine he sees, smile gives you the power, you can notice that while you talk with somebody and have worn smile on your face, that person might think about you, how well you talk, a person smile on his face, when he happens to get bravery, everyone can not able to wear smile at everywhere ,a person who wears a smile, has full of confidence within him, amongst the people , according to this smile shows your intelligence , 
this is that Smile which can make you helpless to be of someone, here I take two examples, through these examples you may understand the power of a smile,
smile,power of smile,smiles smiles
One day, I was returning from somewhere to the house, inside the bus another man collision with me, my phone fell down, he immediately bends down to pick my phone up, before I could lift my phone, he takes my phone and gives that phone to me, and said sorry bro, mistakenly happened, with smiling he said, in fact, I was about to give him punch, but the way he showed me his expression, changed my mind to punch him, I  had to say, it’s okay,  

This is how you may realize the power of a smile,
another example – an incident happened with a girl, a boy was staring at her, with the lust, she insisted to that boy, why he staring at her? , actually, she said angrily to him, that boy stopped staring at her then,  on the other hand, another boy looked at a girl and gave her a smile, she also smiled back, so I noticed how could it be? as I recalled that the previous incident happened with that boys,
so I guessed the power of a smile, a smile has the power that can attract anyone, just because it is the messenger of good will, a smile has no cost, so that you need to pay for this, this is free of cost, always try to wear a smile and be happy,
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