love breakup/ know the reason

if seeing that breakup in love has been proved the biggest sadness in one’s life, many of the people in love, after breakup become like insane or start trying to make their life is ruined 

love breakup/ know the reason

breakup is really a big issue in the life of whoever unfortunately come across with, which is uneasy to overcome early 
but as the solution for this break up in love is concerned, there are some ways, through which one can get rid of it,
just find your problem is to keep the love in mind, which you call is, the memory of past, and unable to forget, 
actually, former memories of love always existed in the mind, for which you say, I can’t able to forget him/her 
but you should think that  nothing is bigger than you are,  you are not the one who is suffered or being suffered, but the one who left you also is suffered internally, but due to the ego of that person, you probably realize that person has not been suffered from that breakup, 
break up in love do not bring pain only to you but also to your partner, for a boy it may be difficult to find love early after the break up with someone, but for a girl is really easy to find a friend,
but it is not that, the only boy is hurt after the breakup but girl too, even girls pained a lot more than the boys, but the girl never sort out, while a boy start sorting out by drinking wine, and by doing such kind of stuff, to mitigate the pain in love,
love breakup
actually, the meaning of break up is game over, the way a player is out of the game and no chance to get the inning once again, break up play the same role, someone says it breaking heart, but it’s not like that, in a strict way,
break up means getting rid of each other, this shows that either of you both had been fed up with that relation, in fact, nothing has power which can destroy both of your love, for instance, Romeo and Juliet Romeo’s family and Juliet’s family were enemies of each other, however, the love between Romeo and Juliet memorized by everyone ,them’s love story is unforgettable,
therefore you should consider here if the love between Romeo and Juliet were never scattered by any power, so why your love was destroyed?
this shows that both of you  had been playing a game like cricket, for this love (cricket) game ‘s innings was over so you occurred to break up 
both of you ( for lovers ) had promised to do marriage but what actually happened to get this love ruined before the marriage promises, behind it, only reason could be is that either both of you had not trusted on the bond was between the hearts,
either of you had some doubts which caused the reason to be the relationship is deceived, breakup says you take your heart and I will take my heart, no bond from now, 
love breakup in love
And after break up, to carry the weight of own heart seems spacious to overcome, so here we are to find the breakup solution 

What causes the break up in love

 actually, there has been some of the reason which causes the break up in love, when you met your love for the first time, both of your heart was  filled with careness, love, and affection, at the very time, ready to die for each other, but what actually was happened which caused the break up, you may think deeply at this, and can get a conclusion, but what it is not valued now, basically, some of the value of the major conflict to the break up in love, this is a very simple reason, but these simple conflicts make someone blind and occur to the break up in love ,

these major conflicts are 
  • discussion conflicts – actually when the lovers happen to conflict through discussion, both show their ego, in terms of having a competition to win, what we call is discontentedness, if want to save the relationship, just avoid such kind of rogousely debate, in this situation, such kind of debate conflicts can someone very anger, you know, anger is just like a devil ,never listen to anyone , 
  • Dissatisfaction –dissatisfaction in the relationship causes the break-up, have satisfaction for both people in love is a very necessary, dissatisfaction happens just because of one unable to accomplish the need of a second 
  • interpersonal detachment – interpersonal detachment reveals the conflicts within the society they live in, fear of social conflicts also cause the breakup, those peoples become the victim of interpersonal detachment who comes across social conflicts, on the other hand, those people come across with the same social behavior, never become the  victim of interpersonal detachment,
  • unusual thought – many of the peoples who love somebody, drowned in the unusual thought (suspect) about the love and relationship, which brings unsatisfaction and causes the break-up, 
What causes the love break up in love
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break-up means separation, taking the heart away, and saying goodbye,

How to get rid of break up’s pain?

Really confined to forget him/her, a lot’s of things are in this world to do, apart from the remembrance of your love, just do one thing, just try to overcome your mind, and do try to deny of your mind recall past love memory, may be it is difficult at first 
try to detect something else used to give you happiness, except love, if seeing that only love is not in your life, which used to give you happiness, but there was/is something else to give you happiness, in fact walking outside at a strange place let your mind becoming busy instead of recalling the past love memories, in this situation you should try to go in a strange place, where you have had never been before,
so to get rid of this miseries, try to apply some of the things in your life, this will let your mind focusing on the future, not on past,

  • Overcome your mind – overcoming your mind is really convoluted, the reality is for both of you people that, even in the break-up, you stare someone, forget your former love for a while, once that person went away, and you stopped staring at that person, and after some time, you are struck by the memory of him/her once again, here you can think that ,when you look at someone, you forget your former love, so why do you try to recall your love by now and then ?  for which you can’t expect to get your love back anymore ,
  • Walking outside – you know or not, get yourself busy in doing something or walking somewhere, this will reduce the remembrance of your love, if possible, try to visit with some of your friends or acquaintance.untill/unless you stay with them, you will not be able to strike by the lost love memory ,
  • Living amongst people – the more you make friends and live amongst the people, is good for you can able to forget here, never try to embrace loneliness, destroy loneliness and live happily, if unable to make friends or acquaintance, try to spend your time on social media, and let yourself engaged with peoples in chatting with them,
  • Entertain yourself – a major role of entertainment in life to bring the smile and happiness within heart, sometimes you notice that, you were in pain and someone made you laugh at any stuff, at the very moment, you forget your pain, this is what the major role of entertainment in life, so in this situation, do entertain and be entertained , 
How to stop break up in love
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How to stop break up in love 

every problem has something and something solution, if you are in love, and you feel that love affection is at the corner of break up, do one thing only, ask your partner, what she/he wants, and also notice what affects him/her,
once you know the reason, you have found the solution, therefore you should stop doing that affects your partner, 
if not, you can ask from your partner what affects, because of that he/she is always disappointed in the relationship, whatever you should try to make him/her satisfied 
and follow those rules which are totally opposite of those four conflicts which I have above shown in what causes the breakup in love 
apart from that, stop criticizing your partners, show your love in a dedicate manner, after any conflicts happen with him/her,
this is what can stop before you are getting separated,

Conclusion –
in my opinion, love is love only, never try to play with anyone’s life, love happens with the desire, not with forceful behavior 
you win the heart of someone, just because you have something specialty what deserve in your partner’s heart and make him/her attracted, a breakup is not a shorted existed memory but sometimes it existed for any longer duration, which brings only pain, hurt, stress, sadness, 

but also teach the lesson of life, so use your time in making life, from whatever you learned with that love,

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