Imagination -Know the facts of power of imagination

Imagination -Know the facts of power of imagination
In this article, we will know about imagination, if seeing the meaning of imagination it is very a common word which contains the meaning ‘ the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses,

in other words, it is to say the conception, where only belief with not expectation is concerned, but sometimes it is concerned as well, we are not at such an extent, where we can feel to have something good or bad,
imagination is which shows something is already imagined about something to happen in the future,


This article contains some of the topic related such as –

  • What is imagination
  • how imagination impact on our life
  • the positive impact of imagination
  • the negative impact of imagination
  • Meaning of imagination
  • Why to have imagination in life is important

                                 What is imagination 

As I have shown the dictionary meaning of imagination word, but then this word is highly connected with our thoughts, with our fantasy, a fantasy which is spacious, sometimes it is to be on,
even this could be a cognitive process just because we human apply our senses in an imagined way, we apply our thought, and the consequence of something as well,
it gives a kind of sense, which is very likely praiseworthy in keeping with the thought in this very life, because imagination depicts the fantasy is connected to our dream, in a way, for which an individual toil in life in order to accomplish the fantasy,
even imagination is not only connected with the positve aspect of thought but also with the negative thoughts, which we understand it later,
for which you say that something good happens to be imagined, but has not happened, but it gives us peace, no matter how we are not aware of our imagined consequence, but till the consequence, you were happy as you had kept positiveness in your mind, but after the consequence, you happened to be sad, because nothing happened accord to your imagination,

                                    Meaning of imagination

Dictionary meaning of imagination word is the action of forming new ideas, or images or 
concepts of external objects not present to the senses,
but in terms of life meaning, imagination has the meaning of making awareness in keeping with the time,

                   How imagination impact on our life 

to know the answer of how imagination impact on our life, it depends on how do keep imagination,
 sometimes imagination work as medicine, medicine is two types basically,
 one medicine which fills the energy in your soul and you are ready to fight with the mess of 
the present condition to make your future bright, what you call is your dream or aim,
on the other hand, the 2nd type of medicine which let you feel ill, what you call it is 
negativeness, your imagination is to achieve something great in the future, but you are 
desperate with your wrong imagination consequence, which can ruin your life, even 
imagination has also the sense of what we say is fiction, but if the making life good is 
concerned, recomendation for us people not to live in the fictional imagination world, 
try to make yourself to be existed  in real imagination world,

            The positive impact of imagination 

Keep your life full of fantasy and try to move on or if possible make it comes true, the way
 we think the way we observe, the way we keep imagination, our mind gives the indication,
for which some of us lose our hope and lose our destiny, listen, all power is within you can 
do anything and everything only believe in that,
if the belief is realistic, nothing would be unrealistic, so keep your imagination realistic and 
fill your life with the recipe of happiness, 

                  The negative impact of imagination 

as having above shown that positive impact of imagination, on the same way the negative
 imagination work as to ruin your life, or nothing else has the impact, such negative 
imagination instigate to embrace the way of negativeness 
for which you happen to say, ” I can’t do that ”  you know what this is not a sentence but it is 
a killer word of your imagination, that imagination for which you hardly expect to happen, 
and to come true,
to overcome it, you just need to say ‘ I CAN DO ” even you feel implacable to do, but your 
internal soul surely instigate you to do that, 

                  Why keeping the imagination in life is important 

imagination gives a straight indication to have a desire to achieve something, the one who 
does not have an imagination of what to achieve in future which we say aim or destination,
but here is the very difference between aim and imagination, whatever we do to achieve our
 the aim, not for our imagination but here imagination an indication of giving us relief in the
 present about the future, once we achieve our aim, our imagination seems to be fulfilled, 
and this is to call the happy moment of life,
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Imagination -Know the facts of power of imagination

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