i am very thin how to improve my body

I am very thin how to improve my body

if the body is thin more than need where we feel shame to show the body look, so do you ever think of why it is?
we should search the reason for it, if we eat and digestion is not good then the formation of comestible juice is unremedied therefore nutritionally the formation of blood, flesh, and bones beyond recall due to this body getting thinner and underweight
the very second reason the person who works more than need, the level of blood, flesh,

etc stopped and is very less increment in the body
doing sex more than needing also cause the sink of the primary hormone with that other kind of harmonies also fall down
due to illness come it also causes the body to fall

to escape this issue we should make the habitual of eating almond, peanut, date, cashew nut and is required to take healthy food on now and then including fruits,

flour, rice, kidney bean, milk, curd, butter, ghee, and oil are best proven for making body fat, as well as banana, pineapples, pomegranate, grapes orange, apple, mango, and orange, are best proven for making the body

so, guys, this is the first step to improve the body from if the body is very thin,

I am very fat how to improve my body 

As we see any person fat we think of how that person manages to do daily work, in the situation of the fat body first of all stomach, coxa is heavy, in case of the body is fat,
 feeling thirsty, getting higher breathing number,feeling lethargic every time, feeling tiredness are the consequence of fat
here are some steps for improvement in the body this will reduce the fatness of body

doing exercise = doing exercise more than need cause a harmful impact on health, fatness is a not life taker disease, so never become restless from it,
in this case, exercise is required at a limit which is bearable for the body, take a daily walk and run morning time and evening time,

drinking lemon juice = drinking lemon juice also reduces the fatness so take the lemon juice by mixing a little amount of salt in a glass and drink that,

if the habit is to take tea in the morning time, then use less amount of sugar and milk and do not eat anything else with that,

try to take whey in large amount, whey reduce the fatness and increase the skin glare and also bring softness skin,

in the lack of whey, use fresh tomatoes’ juice with salt and mix that up in glass water and drink that, that is really helpful to reduce the fatness of the body,

avoid eating that things contain flesh and decrease the amount of taking food which is at a good level,

take less amount of salt and water and make the habit of walking the evening and morning time,

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I am very thin how to improve my body
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