How to do friendship with girl

Do you wish to have a friendship with girl? If yes you have come to the right place I would let you know some of the best few ideas, you could get friendship with a girl,

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In fact, search for a female friend, is really complex to do, but moreover have many ideas, you can find a female friend, you perhaps think that why female friend? Hey dude, it depends on you, you could be her boyfriend later, apparently, she could  be your Girlfriend, but have to keep something in your mind, I just let you know,

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Here are some of the ideas ,you can make online friendship with girl free, friends ,you believe me or not ,many of the online websites and social chat apps are ,where you may find a lot’s of girls ,and can make friendship with them ,but remember some of them ,have their priority to time pass only, so they will talk with you, but you can’t expect anything from them, while you start having conversation with them, just try to know what they do actually look for, If some of them really deserve for you,
If you find them none of worthy, stop having a conversation with them, you are just wasting your time, your final consequences would be just like zero results,

How you decide what kind of person they are? your friendship deserve or not

In fact you may know them, their real intention, through how they do talk with you, and how you talk with them, the way you talk and if they do reply the same way you do, then they may be good for you have got a right person ,matching should be very essential to have friendship with any person, if your any habit, match with them ,it’s good for you can try at your level to cajole them, but with it ,never cross your extent of talking with them,this may cause the devastation of your effort was to convince them,

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So always try to be in limit ,and then try to say anything ,in fact, a girl became my friend through online social media ,both of us continued talking for many days ,probably two months, I thought that she has totally been engaged with my friendship with her, one day I said to her to meet at anywhere ,she asked the reason of meeting with her ,I said the reason ,but What She said, I don’t know you ,so I can’t able to meet you ,Just notice here ,she had continued talking for two months with me ,but at the meeting proposal ,she denied ,you may guess what a consequence of mine came across a girl, who can’t ready to meet with me ,So I realized the wasting of time, and thought why I compelled her to talk with me ,so here is news for you should never try to compel a girl to talk with her ,if she herself message you, it’s good, you must reply back to her, for her every question, thus It can be a reason for making a bond between you and her, so up to now it is the method to convince a girl, now we would know where you can get the girl’s number from, VISIT ANOTHER PAGE

Find the Girlfriend phone number 

here I have something to tell you can really get the girl’s number, all you need to download an application CLICK HERE, I have used this application and successfully found the girl’s number as well, but remember you should have talking manner, initially treat with them politely, this blog doesn’t provide any responsibility if you are blocked up by them, because you would be sending message to them ,but you would be unknown for them ,probably girls dislike to talk with unknown, so keeping these things in mind, and have conversation with them ,thanks for visit my blog ,

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