how to concentrate the mind/ do better in life

How to concentrate the mind?this is the question to know the answer , Many of us are concerned to have a concentration on the mind, but knowingly unable to concentrate, In fact, it’s a big problem with us, no matter how the mind is sharp to catch anything easily, but if there is scarcity of Concentration, nothing much can be done ,
First off concentration on mind is that which can let anything to be completed early, so let’s know how to concentrate the Mind,

how to concentrate on mind

As you can see in this pic, the child concentrates his mind on the window scene, here should have any personification, is the curiosity, curiosity over something indicates the mind to have a concentration for any longer if there is no curiosity,

so there is no concentration, therefore should try to bring curiosity in whatever is your doing, curiosity comes from the interest, someone says I am interested to play cricket match, but why ?,the answer is, just that person is curious to watch and play cricket, that’s why is interested,

this is fundamental of itself, the way we act, mind observe to work like that,
before concentrating mind over anything, first off the check that is that curious for that or not,
our mind basically move on two perspectives which are found within us, one refers to see the future consequences and 2nd  refers this mind to guess the negativity of whatever mind is to concentrate on,

the first kind of perspective, which gives the future consequence without doing anything,
this suggest us whether we should do or not, as well as arouse a lot’s of the question, like the consequence of pass or fail,
for such kind of thought, just neglect and go ahead to overcome it, never try to think about what will happen later, time will let you know,
the 2nd kind of perspective, which gives the total negativity result, which makes your mind exhausted, for which, you say who gonna do that, with that you stop doing at all,
so suggestions for such kind of perspective is to neglect this at all, do not bring such kind of negative stuff thought at first,
the mind never concentrate on those things  which have never been taken with seriousness, this can be understood practically doing,
you feel/take those things very serious which are very close to your heart, no matter if that thing is either a kind of works or words/ feeling ( love, relationship,…..)

 how to concentrate on mind

if seeing that concentration on mind is closely related to getting success, one should always forget the past and future result to do anything, wherever it happens to get success, put your mind on positiveness, just say easily I can do that, I can do that,
at every single break, just  reiterate the same sentence ‘I can do that ‘ this sentence has nothing much but has strong power which can feel your mind with positiveness, and this is what actually, should have needed to concentrate on mind,

How to concentrate on mind easily 

Sometimes or very often convoluted to concentrate on mind, which is the worst thing of yourself, often happen, Concentrating on mind is just like the way we eat food, an easy way,

Basically is to eat food, when it happens to desire or feel hungry, most of us eat when we feel hungry, we eat ? Yeah on the same way, to have a concentration on mind is just like eating food, but with desire, not with hunger, concentration happens with desire, which is to be made, it’s not an automatic process like feeling hunger, We have many stupendous ideas, you can concentrate your mind for, but first off , postulated to take a look at what your mind wants to concentrate, for everything has some unique solution, try to find for,

For instance, if the study is concerned to have a concentration on, try to read or write that subject you are interested in, apart from that subject let you feel bored , or brings lethargic, avoid that subject at first,
 how to concentrate on mind,concentration,
To do focus your mind on any particular  things, first choose the right time, for every human has a suitable time, and they do feel good to do any work, once you find the right time, here right time is to say that time, the moment you feel good, morning time is the best time for concentrating the mind,
Once you find the right time, do try, to do those things which makes feeling bored, with any particular subject, at first, your mind will not concentrate that things, try to do once again,
this time your mind will observe Lilliputian things from those particular things, reiterate the same done for three or four times, and then take a break for the more hour you want to, when you would start doing the same thing you reiterated earlier, the mind would totally focus on those things, because you have already set up your mind to interpret that thing,
this is the initial step to let your mind focus on, 

Necessary steps to concentrate your mind 

if seeing that nothing can be done by wantonly until is to take some necessary steps, so here we will see these steps to apply in our life,
  1. thinkingbefore concentrating your mind on things, first think about…and try to reach the level of your thinking, this will improve your mental strength, once you finished this process, go ahead to  do further process  
  2. choose right time– choosing the right time, is the best way to move on further,do try to complete anything time accordingly will give you peace later, and you may realize that ;thank god I had completed my works on time, time importance is very essential for mind concentration, therefore you should try to spend some more time on anything you want for your mind concentration 
  3.  Detect your ability here ability is not related to your power of the body, but it is the ability about how much minutes or hours, you feel able to spend on your works, for instance, if one hour is for mind concentration on anything, sustain it, but try to increase this ability day by day, in a slow manner, doing this can give you positive result soon ,
  4. health concernhealth is wealth, if health is not well, you can do nothing, this is utmost necessary to keep your health wealthy, in keeping with the health of a body, ready to do anything, sometimes you feel unable to concentrate your mind, it happens due to ill health, before doing anything, keep your healthy and then go ahead ,
  5. pay attention – paying attention towards anything, it lets your mind to be ready to collect the information about that certain things, which you are paying attention for, in this case, the concentration of mind often is distracted, no matter, do one thing to let yourself busy in decoding that thing, try to keep your mind busy, before your mind is distracted,
  6. focus – pay attention or focus might be the same thing, but the very likely focus is concerned to the eye, take your eye focus on only that thing you are needed for …eye sees and send the information to your brain detect about that certain things, this is called eye concentration,
  7. control your sensory organif seeing that, overcome on the sensory organ is the first best way to your mind concentration if there is no control over the sensory organ, then there are not any chances for mind concentration, therefore you should keep these things remember and then go ahead,
  8. Entertainment – Entertainment also help you to concentrate your mind, like watching, a comedy video, or listening song, it reduces the mind’s exhausted, thus start concentration in a proper way after entertainment, as well as it also increases the time duration for doing the things you do at present,
  9. singing – you know or not but practically has been noticed that Singing makes mind fresh, once you are exhausted by studying, then try to start singing that song you often continue singing, after five or ten minutes,  the mind will absolutely be restored, and work properly,


what to do if the mind’s concentration is distracted 

some of us watch motivation video, in order to concentrate the mind, but very few of us really is concentrated, in fact, restless in mind does not let the mind to concentrate in a proper way, for instance, during the study, watching the video or using the phone every now and then is the cause of the mind’s concentration is distracted, yeah watching video or using phone may be a good but not at every now and then ,
in order to use your mind’s concentration please do avoid watching a video or using the phone ,

but you should know that watching the video or using a phone may be proved good when you use in a proper way,
here the proper way is to say is, use phone once you finished your works or study, or use it at your study break,
a student should take a break for five or six minutes break at every hour, in order to make study better, 

take works as a responsibility, when you think that it is my responsibility to do that works, mind start investing to find suitable ideas in order to complete that responsibility, 
if a student takes his study as a responsibility, that student can be able to study properly 
 if the mind’s concentration is distracted do only one thing, make yourself peaceful, this mitigates the mind’s restless, and mind become active,
avoid eating those things are not good for health and always try to make yourself  relaxed, walk for a while once you finished your study or works, as well as take a nap if possible, if not, start doing exercise, for a while, but every day,

so guys follow these rules and get your mind concentrated on whatever you do, and this is what I actually refer to them, who are condemned with not concentrating their mind, 

Conclusion –

if one successfully able to concentrate the mind; can do anything, the mind can be concentrated if have rightened on it if your mind is beyond of overcome , nothing can be done, you will be attracted towards your mind wandering, which cause the negative feeling or result in future, so avoid it and overcome your mind and get happiness and success in this very life,

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