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Health and beauty,  this article is based on health and beauty, how a woman can sustain beauty and health,check body mass index to know how fit you are 

Every woman should take care of health and beauty, health and beauty do not only exist up to the female but male as well,
especially women  make the other attracted towards them’s own beauty, this is how a woman should be,
the important thing  is that health and beauty can not be divided from each other, both exist at the same extent, better health is supposed to be the beauty of a body, therefore an individual should always take care of the body ,

Health and beauty,
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Therefore it has been said real beauty ever exists in better health because without health beauty seems ……

How to make health and beauty 

Since everyone’s eye stay at face firstly, hence every female try to make the face charming looking, lipstick, rose, oil, perfume, powder and other types of cream often is used on the face to increase the face glow,
the second important thing every female feel good for showing the face beautiful and attractive,
but in my opinion, a female should try to be good physically and mentally,
many women getting busy in household work and thus forget to take care of the body, from which, the below part of the eye gets lined/withered before the real-time come,
health and beauty ,BODY,WOMEN
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How to keep safe eyes from wither?

most of us give the stress on eyes get the line-up, in keeping with eye safety, we should make stress on the eye, wake up till late night also impact on eyes get withered, so we should always sleep on time and wake up on time
if you also wake up late night and give enough stress on eyes, please stop doing this, and let the eye rest, at least for 20-30 minutes, but how you can give your eyes rest? , you can do this by closing your time till the time is provided,

How to make the skin soft

many people use lotion to make the skin soft, but how long can they keep skin soft by applying lotion or other types of cream on the skin, well here is one thing that can help you make your skin soft,
if the face’s skin gets screwed up, in this situation, take a look on when you eat and drink, as well as what you eat and how you eat,
 use/drink enough milk and churned curd, drink enough water and keep eyes safe,
 How to make the skin soft .health and beauty

How to make health and beauty

the women work hard, for them, one of the best ideas is walking in the morning time and yoga exercise process is proven the best result,
during the walking in the morning,
one thing keep remember that they should always walk in open areas, field, forest, or park so that with the walking heart is filled up with the pure air, consequently gives the better result,
during the walking in the morning time, always try to walk fast until/unless start feeling a little bit exhausted, from which, perspiration comes out from the body
, every woman should try to wake up very early, before the sunrise,
every woman should know the use of oil on body,  i.e, they should apply oil on the body before taking a bath, applying oil before taking a bath make the body solid, and increase the eyesight capacity,
every woman should use unction one-time every week, after lapping unction, apply unction slowly, it makes skin soft and smooth, as well as also get rid of bad smell of perspiration,
always take a bath from cold and freshwater, if possible, take food on proper time .never sleep more than need,
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