God is everywhere but how to find the god

God is everywhere but how to find the god
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Existence of God is everywhere but is invisible, within you and within me is the god but really confined to substantiate the visibility of the God,

apparently, this shaped like a dot is ahead of our mind, concentrating at the middle part of the head, which has another a range of mental vision that can fancy the existence of the god, and this range of mental vision clearly defined with strong meditation

Strong meditation is that which occur within your willing of god, without will nothing can be attained, god is just like that, even notices from Ramayana, Mahabharata, and from another such kind of similar, have bumped them the incarnation like a human,

still throttled about what then human a bowman in Ramayana who killed Bali is the incarnation of God, may be ,according to the people opinion,but not accord to mine he was just a human,


 how to find the god

Willingness to find the god is just like the way one individual engaged with another individual, foremost making a relationship with any particular things in this world, fundamentally a process of engaging with that particular thing, for instance,
first off, discourse with soul incite to have a relationship with God or not, because in this world one individual move freely without any restraint when that individual has a strong desire to make a relationship with another individual: by this way, that individual never wait for any circumstance is good or bad, or nor looks for any other’s suggestion, that individual does what internal soul answer,
beaucoup ways are to implement in this life, may god approach you, first off is to have a willingness in mind or soul, if happen to incapable of memorizing the name of God, do a trial to God’s name, if something kind of happiness and peace is felt, empathize that, very close you are,

god is everywhere

God rest in your soul, without devising the auditory sensation, but the sensory organ pathetic to feel the auditory sensation, one can feel who is closely engaged with the God, reiterating the God’s name, god can’t come to you: until making yourself applaudable for god,

The 2nd thing  to do is to make a relationship with God, as have already discussed above, next thing to do is communication with God, most of us may be confused about how to do communication with God,

enormously pleasing to do with God, reiterating God’s name in the temple is not to say the communication with God, but it means to get away the remembrance of God from internal soul,will let you know the answer to it ,

How to make a relationship with God

making a relationship with God is like the way our friendship is with Parents, in fact, in a beaucoup way friendship with parents reckoned a strong friendship, which has not the breaking friendship matter till they die,
to make a relationship with God, always required to talk with him, not recommending you to go to temple or mosque, just talk with him the way you talk with somebody but have to discourse, no matter if people understand you insane,
the one who never communicate with God basically may be insane, in fact, the one is pinning to have communication with God, can be devoted to him,
one major thing involved while you continue remembering God, never try to do haste, for instance,
in a household, a child always used to say his father, Good morning father, Good evening father, and good afternoon father, but that child never could stay with his father,
even we know the relationship between a father and child has the relation of maximum extent but his father also exhausted with his words,
here mean to say, saying that child, good morning and a good father, is’not the way a child should follow the father,
notice here, if the same boys bring water while his father comes from anywhere, can’t imagine what a father can feel happiness upon his child devoted behavior, this is how the Relationship with God is, we are the child and God is the father,


the way we show the enactment towards God palpate us, a father can never be wrong but the child could be wrong, considering on two boys of a family, one boy honest and laborious towards the  dedication of his works, while on the other hand, 2nd boys acting himself as a lazy person, you may notice that that honest and laborious boy will always be praised by the father, while 2nd other boys will be condemned ,
this is how Godfather notice us, no matter that Godfather is invisible,



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